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Happy New Year everyone!

The past 6 months has been quiet on my Eco Oikos second hand and zero waste blogs as I have been busy setting up my business and launching numerous projects.

To give you a bit of a run down, my business, Clever Green is an umbrella company for projects that involve sustainability. Eco Oikos has been absorbed into this and Remix Plastic is my community plastic recycling initiative.

Remix Plastic, inspired by Precious Plastic, aims to use recycling as a mechanism to encourage behaviour change. By encouraging people to look at their own waste, determine what is recyclable and what isn't, and make something interesting, they will be more likely to be aware of their personal plastic consumption. This project includes presentations on sustainability, reducing waste and recycling it and workshops to teach about plastic pollution and how to make stuff with your waste.

In collaboration with Fab Lab Chch, Remix Plastic is curating a pop up retail, exhibition and workshop space at the Arts Centre Christchurch called Pop Lab. Pop Lab's mission is to showcase how sustainable production and conscious consumption reduces waste and connects productive communities.

Pop Lab reopens on the 8th January and runs until 16th February upstairs in the Boys High Building at the Arts Centre, Christchurch.

Pop Lab is “Small-Box” retail, the antithesis of a Big-Box retailer, where products are made in the retail space instead of mass-produced. Everything originates from a downloadable file, whether 3D printed, laser cut or knitted.

Pop Lab is a small step towards changing the narrative around 'consumption'. It challenges economies of scale by selling experiences and skills with a take home product as an outcome.

This is an innovative take on retail, where the consumer becomes the producer (people make their own products or the fab machines do), and in the process gains a deeper understanding of how we can create sustainable products that can be repaired, customised, repurposed or iterated, rather than thrown away. It is Circular Economy put into practice. It is a new and innovative way of communicating these systems in a fun and engaging manner.

#PopUp #SustainableDesign #SustainableManufacturing

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