Op Shop ShoPOP

It may sound quite complicated but it is not. It is an opshop themed pop up shop window. Submissions have opened for the upcoming Christchurch City Council project to open the shop windows of empty stores in the city to community projects. So I saw an opportunity to share the joy of secondhand shopping through a beautiful window display of opshop items!

My idea is very basic - fill a shop window with amazing items from second hand stores around the city and have a tv display showing the second hand shop map in action as well as slides of facts about clothing, appliance and other waste in NZ. If you want an idea of how it might look at the end - check out the St Vincent de Paul Langdons road shop windows! Always beautiful and inviting!

I am currently working on a submission and have gathered a team of volunteers to help out. Get in touch if you would be keen to lend a hand. There is a range of things to help with from computer based research etc to helping set up the window if we get the opportunity! Join our mailing list for updates on the project!

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