6 Month Anniversary of Chch Secondhand Map

It has been 6 months since I published my map of Christchurch's second hand stores. With a little over 130 stores, it turns out there are far more than I had ever anticipated! I also didn't expect the amazing influx of avid opshoppers that then joined the Second Hand Christchurch Facebook Group! It turns out that there are loads of people that love second hand shopping as much as I do, and now they are in one place!!! The group provides a place for people to share the things they are looking for and people can offer places to try or shops that they spotted the item recently. This saves people helplessly trawling around shops in determination or a hurry.

There are big plans in the works for this project of mine. Following the success of the group, I am looking into turning the group and map into a mobile app to allow a more user friendly platform for people while out in the city. (Get in touch if you know someone who might be interested in helping with the development side of it!)

Giveaways and incentives to shop secondhand are in the works, with lots of stores showing interest in being involved. (Get in touch if you have a store and want to get involved).

Events and get togethers are an idea I would like to expand on. (Get in touch if you have any ideas on ways us secondhand shoppers can hangout in real life!).

And I am always open to suggestions for improvements or ideas to make the map and group more usefull/practical/informative/fun so just message me on Facebook, Instagram or email and give me your 2cents.

See the map here.

Join the group here.

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