Zero Waste Christmas Decorating

This time of year can often be filled with unnecessary plastic - fake trees, junky toys, Christmas Crackers, tacky decorations... the list goes on. So why not make your Christmas more appealing by making it a minimalist, hipster, Instagramable event while also doing your bit to reduce your impact on the planet... it is a win, win.

Make Your Own Christmas Tree

My husband and I have started our own Christmas tradition of finding moss covered branches for our tree. If we can, we go for a tramp to get them, but if we are pressed for time (like this year) we go out to our garden. This year I pimped the tree with some branch weaving rather than individual decorations. It is as simple as identifying a good gap between branches, wrapping some left over bits of knitting yarn around to create the horizontals then weave yarn vertical through those. Tie it off and do another few until you are satisfied. I then propped my branches in a vase within a pot.

Branch Wreath

I have never been a big fan of Christmas wreaths (I think they often look tacky), but my zero waste Christmas ambitions has inspired me to make a natural wreath from willow branches. Just gather a few long branches, bend into a circle and tuck the ends under each other (as if tying into a knot). Then weave what ever other bits and pieces into it as you like. I stuck on a few dried pinecone flowers but you can perch succulents, weave fabric, add lavender... what ever you fancy!

Paper Straw Decorations

Dress up your tree with ... more trees! So meta. These paper straw Christmas trees are so easy to make and great fun for getting everyone into the Christmas spirit! Just glue two straws together as the base, then stick on horizontal branches leaving a small gap in between, until you are happy with the size and shape. Trim if necessary, cut out a star for the top and tie a string through the top straw and there you have it. You can buy Christmas coloured paper straw craft packs from Rubbish Whisperer here.

Dried flowers

Another option for decorations/accompanying presents is dried flowers. Our rental property has loads of roses. I have never been a huge fan of them until I got into drying them!! So pretty and so much easier to care for once they are dead!! Other visually appealing options include lavender, pine cones and poppy pods.

Second Hand

If you do love a traditional Christmas there are always plenty of Christmas decorations and goodies in opshops... and this time of year most of them have a Christmas display to make it nice and easy for you!

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