How many bins do we have?

Despite attempting to be minimal waste, our house still produces things that require disposing of. We have numerous avenues to get these things where they should end up as well as do our best to upcycling, reuse and donate any items that still have life left in them.

  1. Recycling Under the kitchen bench we have a tub for recycling - since it is all clean it can sit there until bin day without getting smelly.

  1. Compost In front of our recycling we have a bucket for food scraps for the compost. We put all uncooked food scraps in there bar avocado pits and corn cobs since they take so long to break down in our compost.

  1. Organics bin bag That is were the green organics curbside bin comes in - we have a brown paper bag that we dump all our cooked food scraps and other bits we dont want to put in our compost.

  1. Coffee grounds We have a container next to the sink that we tip our coffee dregs into - this then gets taken out to the compost or directly on the garden

  2. Rubbish We have a brown paper bag in the laundry for our landfill - this is generally made up of medicine blister packs, the odd receipt we get (they are not recyclable paper) and ... dreaded, the disposable nappy if we get at a loose end with the cloth nappies (mainly night times).

  1. Soft plastics There is a bag of bags in our spare room that is periodically taken to the soft plastics drop off at Countdown.

  1. Cotton and fabric scraps I have a cushion cover that I am slowly stuffing with sewing scraps (a lot faster now that I am volunteering with Boomerang Bags). Another option for this is to fill a door stopper.

  1. Paper scraps that can be recycled using paper recycling kit (or shredded for worm farm) I have a small pile of paper pieces that are too small to be recycled in the curbside bin but that are perfectly good for making larger paper with our recycling kit or shredding for a worm farm (planning to set one up in the near future).

  2. Bits and pieces for Creative Junk On our kitchen bench is a jar that we are filling with all the odds and ends that can be used for projects through Creative Junk - this includes bottle tops, caps, thread spools etc.

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