What Will Future Second Hand Look Like?

Today I brought a kids toy that had a note on it dated from 1981. It made me wonder what will be filling the trestle tables at school fairs and church stalls in 50 years time. Will what I consider mundane now, be vintage in the future? In this age of fast fashion and quickly obsolete technology, what will be left? Other than, of course all the single use plastic that will forever plague the earth. Plastic fantastic – that is this generations legacy.

It has already begun; the amazing vintage, retro and generally well-made clothing in op shops seem to be scarcer and replaced with items from chain stores. The record players that were a dime a dozen in the 90s are slowly falling off the radar. Meanwhile, the plastic tubs of miscellaneous chords and chargers seems to be growing. The desktop PC cables that no one will likely ever have another use for. The cell phones that still work but the owner wanted an upgrade so ditched to an op shop rather than biffing – let’s face it, no one is going to buy that. Printer ink cartridges, PC videogames that run on windows 93. Plastic party plates and cutlery.

Or should I be more optimistic in this vision? Maybe reusable shopping bags, beeswax wraps and coffee keep cups will still be passed between people.

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