Op Shop Odyssey: Darfield's Polkadotcom

Coming around the corner into Darfield and the main street is buzzing with activity! Workers stopping off at the bakery for a pie; trucks leaving a scent of livestock as they pass; women humming through the clothing stores.


Perched right on the main drag is Polkadotcom, Darfield’s only second hand store. Owned and operated by Kerri Booth, this little treasure has been supplying locals with outfits for years. With more than just clothing, the store offers a second hand scouting point for anyone out that way to stop in and check before making the emotionally exhausting journey into the city. There are cubbies full of craft bits and pieces; a wall covered in photos, artworks and mirrors; shelves packed with Tupperware, cloth napkins and other household nic nacs. Whether you are looking for a new outfit, a Christmas present or a school uniform, Polkadotcom has a range of options!

As soon as you walk in, it feels like a cosy little living room. And Kerri just adds to the comfort. Kerri has a passion for second hand fashion like no one else I have met! She has an eye for detail and a great knack at piecing outfits together. A visit to her store wont just be a browse, but a fashion consult!

The wonderful Kerri Booth

Polkadotcom's wall of pictures, mirrors and artworks

Polkadotcom's winter sale is in full swing!

Polkadotcom is a little slice of delight. It is well worth a trip out to rummage and do a bit of Christmas shopping! Head out there now for their end of season winter sale!

If you don’t get a chance to visit Darfield in the near future – I strongly suggest you check out this event: Home and Family are running a second hand fashion show - Re:Purpose Runway! It will include outfits from Polkadotcom and everything on the runway will be for sale at the market stalls at the event! If you like it, you can buy it! Get a group of friends together for this amazing night out!

Home and Family's Re:Purpose Runway

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