Boomerang Bags Christchurch Edition!

Many of you will already know of Boomerang Bags - the reusable shopping bag library that started in Australia and is now taking over the world. Well, believe it or not, it is now in your neighbourhood with 49 chapters throughout New Zealand!

If you are in Christchurch there are many ways that you can get involved with our Boomerang Bags community.

1) Sew - One of the many important jobs that we need volunteers for is the sewing. Whether you have beginners sewing skills or are a seamstress by trade, whether you have a sewing machine or not, whether you have time to come to the sewing bees or want to sew from home; WE WANT YOU!

2) Cut, iron, collect or cheer us on - for anyone wanting to contribute in other bag making ways, there is room for all!

3) Donate - through fabric, thread, equipment or skills - you can bring it all to a working bee and share.

4) Contact - if you have anyone you think would be a source of support, donations or willing to take on a bag library at their shopping establishment, let us know!

5) Support - overall, we need your support through spreading awareness, using and returning the bags once they are in shops, reducing your plastic use and generally sharing the sustainable buzz!!!

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