One Toy Shark at a Time

Not the real thing - Plastic shark recovered after being wedged between rocks by the tide

Cleancoast_Kiwi is cleaning up our beaches... one toy shark, toothbrush, jandal and plastic soldier at a time.

She spends about 6-8 hours a week picking up plastics (usually over 2-3 days). It takes hours to sort, soak and dry it out then store all the little bits in glass jars. She has a collections of about 200 jars to date.

Cate is aiming to raise awareness about plastic in our oceans through art; photography and assemblage. She is pointing out to other Kiwis that it isn't just happening far away, in other parts of the world. These problems are right on our doorstep. Her images are shocking and entertaining. It not only makes me more determined to use less plastic, but inspires me collect rubbish when I see it. It can be gross but as Cate shows, can be beautiful!

So, say no to the plastic straw, the balloon or the sushi soy sauce fish. Even with the best intentions, these things can still wind up in our ocean.... And lets face it, no fish likes a plastic meal.

The evolution of microplastic - a Wendy's spoon is not immune Refuse✅ Reduce✅ Reuse✅ Recycle✅ Used for just a few minutes, a plastic spoon in the ocean breaks into smaller and smaller pieces until it becomes #fishfood or #seabirdfood ...the ocean doesn't need cutlery of any kind

Swimming with the fish Rings off the top of plastic bottles. Harmful to marine life

Bad bad bread tag swimming in the sea. One fragment from 2010 found 2016-17

Chinese delicacy - duck with nurdles. Cute but deadly to marine life and found on our beach.

War on black plastic...all seen here removed from our coast

"Just Another Microplastic Monday A sample of the tiny pieces of plastic removed from our coast in the last two beach clean-ups including BB gun pellets, tiler's crosses, Lego blocks, children's motifs, plastic beads and pieces of bread tag, brake light, pens and water bottle and soy fish lids"

Bottoms up Faceless sea plastic buried in seaweed, a choking hazard for fish

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