Tete a Tete to Two Squirrels

Part of the inspiration for my op shop mapping of Christchurch was my fond memories of thrift crawls of the past. When I was at high school I would spend each weekend doing the rounds of the vintage, second hand clothing and second hand book stores of High Street and beyond.

I am sure there are a few people that have fond memories of shopping at the always lovely Tete a Tete in Shand Emporium on Hereford Street. I spent many hours doting over the beautiful vintage skirts and dresses. I chatted away with Vanessa about all sorts of interesting vintage things… like how vintage hats are always really small sizes because the average head size is increasing…

And I remember when Warren launched the sister store ‘Two Squirrels’ in Cashel Street and I spent more time intrigued by the clocks and vintage kids’ books.

I moved away from Christchurch, the earthquakes happened and I wondered what might have happened to the two lovely vintage connoisseurs of Christchurch. Then while living in Dunedin, a friend told me they had a store out in Milton! Of all places! Some friends and I missioned out there for a birthday treat and it was just like old times… (even better since I was nowhere near as shy and awkward as the 17 year old me!). We spend a couple of hours hanging out, eating lollies and talking vintage stuff. On leaving we were presented with a bunch of chilies grown in their garden and we left very happy!

The Two Squirrels get around and they are now settled in Dunedin town where they run their Online Trade Me vintage store and regularly open their collection at the ‘Two Squirrels HQ’.

Buying second hand is a lot better for the planet than buying brand new. And by buying vintage you ensure you are getting great quality clothing that will last for years. Not only do Two Squirrels sell high quality vintage clothing, but Vanessa even fixes up any imperfections before putting items up for sale. This means you will definitely be getting your money’s worth!

Check out their online store here or pop in to the HQ. Why not head over and like their Facebook page!?

"Our Dunedin base is situated

in the heart of the industrial area of the city....

We have decided to formally

call it

'Two Squirrels HQ'

This will see us presenting a space and experience

in homage to our journey with vintage....

an echo of all that has happened....

from the humble beginnings in a

little shop at the top of the stairs in

Christchurch to now"

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