Knit Your Own Scrubber - Upcycled Shower Puff

After a couple of knitting lessons from mum, I had some inspiration from Pinterest (as one does) to knit with plarn (plastic yarn). Below is my latest project where I upcycled a shower puff that was sitting in the cupboard unused (I never got over the time a centipede startled me in the shower).

What you need:

- A shower puff

- Knitting needles (I used 12mm)

Step 1 - untie the piece holding the puff together - it will unravel to a tube of fabric

Step 2 - cast on 5 stitches, knit 5 rows, cast off. (Note that I knitted the first row into the back of the stitch to make sure it held it's shape a bit better).

Step 3 - cut off the ends leaving about 5cm. Now, depending on the type of material that your puff is made of you can alter your finish to suit. My puff is purely plastic so I decided to melt the rough ends slightly then tuck the end into the stitches. If your fabric is more natural (and less slipery) you may find knotting it enough.

And there you have it - a shower puff converted into a cleaning scrubber! Whether it be for dishes, scrubbing the shower or as a different form of the same thing!

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