Eco Bling: My Zero Waste Assets and Investments

There are a lot of things out there that claim will make your life easier. This is my pick of the things that I have found the most useful.

1. Breadmaker

This is possibly my favourite investment. Bread is a go to snack (or meal if need be) and so we get through a lot in our house. I invested in a breadmaker a couple of years ago and it has easily paid for itself three-fold. I paid $149 new for it and at the time we were buying $3.20 loaves from the supermarket because we couldn’t stomach the salty budget loaves. We get through a loaf every day or two so it only took a couple of months before we were saving money. The fact that all the ingredients come from Bin Inn means that our daily loaf is entirely waste free.

2. Yogurt Maker

These are easy to find at op shops for a couple of bucks and will save you money and plastic! You can make yogurt using starter (either brought powder, brought yogurt or your last batch) and milk powder. Check out this post for more info. My daughter loves yogurt so we get through a lot. Any that doesn’t get eaten within a reasonable amount of time gets baked with.

3. Chest Freezer

After many years of cramming as much as we could in a fridge freezer, we finally invested in a chest freezer. Yes, it uses more power to run, but we save money in other ways. We have a lot more options for meals so we are less likely to get packaged takeaways when we can’t be bothered cooking. We can also make the most of fruits and veges that are in season by buying in bulk when cheap and enjoying all year round. We are less likely to throw leftovers away because we can just bang them in the freezer.

4. Cloth nappies and pads

By investing in a bulk lot of second hand cloth nappies I have hardly had to spend any money since. We take our cloth nappy habit to the next level by using washable liners and cloth wipes – this way everything is reused until it wears out. Reusable pads have saved me spending countless weeks with what feel like synthetic adult nappies in my pants. Much nicer to have cotton! And if you have never tried them, it isn't as gross as you imagine.

5. Overlocker and sewing machine

Having these two machines will mean that even with basic skills, you can fix up or make your own of pretty much anything.

6. Pressure Cooker

Cooking lentils and beans with a pressure cooker means that you can buy from bulk bins so no packing!!! It also works out cheaper – I worked out a tin worth of dried chickpeas costs about $0.48. The real win is that it means we can have fresh hummus whenever we feel like it!!!

Optional Extras

Other things that we have invested in include bikes, a beer brewing setup, a soda stream and a tortilla press!

Have anything you want to add? Let me know in the comments below!!!

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