Hidden Gem: Finder Gatherer

The lovely Jennifer Braithwaite

I recently stopped in to the lovely Finder Gatherer second hand clothing store in the old British Hotel on Oxford Street, Lyttelton. Tucked in the beautiful building is a wonderful collection of quality second hand clothing, lovingly gathered from near and far.

Jennifer strives to promote 'slow fashion' over the ever changing, and ever falling apart, clothing of fast fashion - her vintage items are of high quality while still being within an affordable price range.

Jennifer works full time as an art teacher, with this as her passion on the side, hence the Saturday only hours. But why not do what the family and I did? Make a day trip to the market, the Garage Sale second hand store up the road and wander around Finder Gatherer while scoping out the beautiful old building at the same time!!!

Finder Gatherer Open Saturdays

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