Upcycling a Cloth Nappy into a Cloth Pad

Got a reusable nappy that aint quite cutting the mustard? Why not turn it into a cloth pad?!

What you will need:

A nappy that is not 100% waterproof

A cloth nappy – the one I used is no longer water resistant around the legs/elastic. A microfibre cloth nappy insert / or other absorbent material An Overlocker/serger A sewing machine

To start, I used one of my other cloth pads as a rough outline.

Cut the microfibre nappy inner into the shape of the body of the pad.

Sew the 3 layers together

Sew together the three layers (waterproof, microfibre, inner) with an oval as shown.

Overlocker the edge and the wing outside edge

I then overlockered the long edge of the outer only and cut a ‘wing’ from the nappy (both outer and inner) and overlockered the outside edge of that.

Trim the microfibre

Trim the microfibre layer straight and then place the ‘wing’ into the side. Pin and sew into place.

Pin in the wing and sew

Overlocker the edges

Overlocker the outside edge of the rest of the pad.

Homemade cloth pad snaps

I was going to try to upcycled the plastic kam snaps from the nappy aswell but decided that any way I sewed them wouldn’t be strong enough to be confident it would stay on. I so I used some metal ones that I had.

All done!

I have also made a bunch of panty liners and these have been SOOOO handy during pregnancy and beyond. Check out the directions here.

Homemade liner pad

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