A Guide to Bulk Shopping

Want to shop at bulk food shops but don't know how to begin? Here is a first timers guide to doing a shop at Bin Inn or equivalent.

1) Choose your containers - this is usually pretty easy because I just take the containers that I store things in at home. Need salt? Talk the salt container. Need Chickpeas? Take the chickpea container... you get the picture.

2) Tare - first thing to do is take your containers to the counter and get the person to weigh them and write the weight on the bottom (my local Bin Inn has a vivid and a whiteboard marker so if you are using containers that you don't want permanently marked you could as for the whiteboard marker... or just put a piece of tape or something on the bottom that you can take off later).

Tared jar for bulk shopping

3) Fill up - Find what you need (part of the fun of it!) and fill your containers. No need to write a code or anything like at the supermarket.

4) Weigh up - Take your containers to the counter and get them weighed.


It's that easy. Another thing you are probably wondering about buying from Bin Inn is "is it cheaper than the supermarket?". It is definitely cheaper than the supermarket bulk bins but is sometimes not as cheap as buying wrapped in plastic from the supermarket (sometimes it is, depends what you are buying). But the thing to bare in mind is that you will spend less overall because you will be less likely to buy things that you don't need. I don't mind spending the little bit more because it means that I don't have to go to the supermarket every week AND I have far less plastic in the house.

ALSO - Bin Inn has just brought in a discount if you bring along your own containers!! You will get 5% off your purchase! Better for everyone.

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