The Environmentally Friendly Musician

Daniel Madill is my husband. He is also an amazing musician. I have spent many hours over the past 5 years helping him with various aspects of his music; from lugging mic stands to gigs to playing tambourine on his tracks. In the time that I have known him he has changed from a purely live singer songwriter to a self produced, self recorded, self mixed and mastered...self everything musician.

His first album, Submariner’s Dilemma, was a studio recorded, mass produced work of art. He slaved tirelessly for a year (often roping me into late nights that would prove to make, rather than break, our relationship). From that experience, we both learnt that studios and commercial CD pressing is not for us. After that we went for a more environmentally friendly option.

For the next releases, I designed the packaging to work for us. With a custom made ‘Daniel Madill’ stamp we planned from the beginning to use that as an ongoing logo. The recycled brown paper was tracked down from a supplier that provided it plastic packaging free. Each release has its own custom-made stamp (made by Montarga here in Christchurch) and is used along with the name stamp to make them a series.

The beauty of this design is that we can make what we need, rather than the smallest commercial run of 100. We can also make official download cards, which provides an entirely waste free way of enjoying the music – digitally.

My obsession with second hand shopping has paid off for Daniel’s latest EP, Bake A Snake - I managed to find Inkjet printable CDs in an opshop!

So, we found the most sustainable way to release music! If you want to enjoy more of Daniel's music, pop over to his Bandcamp page.

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