One Thing at a Time - Small Steps Towards a Sustainable Lifestyle

While I have always been sustainability minded and conservation driven, I used to often convince myself that it was too hard to go completely plastic free, or completely waste free and so I would find myself not bothering to make any significant changes. But once I became micro focused and took on one task at a time I realised that the main thing to remind yourself is that every single thing counts. Every coffee cup that you don’t use, every foil wrapped chocolate bar, every straw, every balloon, every disposable nappy. If everyone in New Zealand refused a straw in their drink once a year, that would be 4,794,720 straws that wouldn’t end up in landfill!

Bulk buying

  1. Buy in bulk Ever noticed that often the food you buy is wrapped in packing that is wrapped in packaging that is then put in more packaging?! Cut out a huge amount of the disposable plastic in your life by buying in bulk.

  1. Make your own Make whatever you can from scratch. Whether it be bread, meals, cleaning products, clothing. This will not only mean that you can cut down on packing but will have an overall healthier home and if you are clever about it, spend less money!

  2. Be prepared If you plan on grabbing a coffee on your way to work, make sure you have your reusable coffee cup. If you want takeaways for lunch, take your own container. And pro tip: always have a reusable shopping bag tucked away in your handbag! There is so much eco-bling out there these days that you have no excuse not to!

  3. Refuse If you decide to have a cocktail on a whim, refuse the straw. If you are offered a free balloon for some company’s marketing campaign, turn it down.

  4. Audit yourself Go through your rubbish bin and see what it is that creates the most waste in your household. Do the same with the recycling. Make an effort to find a more sustainable option or, if you can, try going without for a bit and see how much you miss it. Black coffee isn’t as bad as you might imagine.

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