Guest Blog: Our house is "Recycled Heaven"

Rebecca Beldham takes op shopping a step further than I am often able to commit to. She not only shops for amazing finds, but she is prepared to paint and repair her loot. Although I own an orbital sander, after a long day with the baby I can't find the energy or motivation to carry out such projects. So, I live my upcycling dreams through Rebecca. I hope you enjoy the below as much as I do.

I started Op Shopping in about 1984 (with my Mother) and started turning the clothing I'd find into my own "creations" with my Mum's sewing machine. Then as I got older, I got more and more into "knick-knacks" and furniture and then painting furniture and then since having the girls (and not working) it's become an intense adrenaline fuelled thrill of the hunt. I am at the point now where my "collecting" and "upcycling" is growing into a passion/addiction!!!

This is a photo story of all the discarded/donated treasures that have found their way to me and how much more they make me feel at home in my home, than buying new things that feel empty and kind of meaningless.

Upcycled Pram

$2 Doll and $10 pushchair all done up for a lovely birthday girl

My Salvation Army Poulson Street chairs $40 each, with $1 velvet cushions from The Great Opportunity in Sydenham. I had no where to put them at the time so I rearranged the dining room...

I guess I am feeling my way to what it is I want to "do" as well as being a Mum. Life changing stuff, having babies!! It has made me more determined to do something I feel driven and inspired to do and to do it from a place of sharing and goodness.

You can get upcycling too - just keep an eye out for any gems that you think would make manageable projects (I personally aim for small!). Tune in next week for the second hand shopping follow on blog: Virtually Secondhand - Buying on TradeMe.

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