Packaging Schmackaging: The Fastest Way to Reduce Your Waste

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The one change that will make a massive difference to your household rubbish is buying from bulk bins. The other advantage of this is that it forces you to plan ahead; making a list, taking the containers for what you need and buying only what you need! You will not be putting yourself in a position to be tempted by other treats that you don’t need (potato chips, I’m looking at you) so you will find that you will save money and eat healthier.

You can also have your own produce bags with you for your fresh goodies (none of that individually wrapped kumera rubbish), and take your own container to the deli or bulk bins at the supermarket.


If you don’t have a local bulk store, or you don’t have the time to get to one, you can precycle. This is the idea that you buy products in reusable or recyclable packaging. I do this with things I can’t get in bulk and usually buy in glass as I know I will find a use for the jars long after the tomato paste or olives are gone.


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