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Finding your sustainability angle

Plastic, packaging free Most foods at the supermarket these days come in some sort of packaging (even fresh produce! What’s that about?!). By buying food in bulk and cooking/baking from scratch, you not only reduce the amount of disposable plastic in your home but you also end up eating much healthier!

Carbon neutral / food miles The term encompasses the amount of energy used to make the product and get it to your house. For example, imported products have much higher carbon footprint than those brought locally.

Organic Organic refers to pesticide and NASTY chemical free, not “chemical free”. Note that everything is made up of chemicals. They are not all bad, some are fine. Buying organically produced products ensures that there is minimal impact on the environment from the production.

It is a matter of finding a balance that works for you and you can always work towards the other things over time, but start with one as it will be far too hard to make all the changes all at once.

In our household, our aim is a balance of as little plastic as possible, no harmful chemicals down the drain and things that are affordable and time efficient. While I have carbon footprint and organic in the back of my mind while I am making decisions these things are not the focus.

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