An Op Shopper's Guide to Secondhand Christchurch

I present you… A map of second hand Christchurch! Now, while I have spent many hours researching and visiting these places, there is still a lot I don’t know. If you have any information on new leads, details on these ones or would like to suggest an edit, please do so via the email address at the bottom of the page. I will add a comments section soon but for the first wee while I would like to make amendments to the map and then I will pass it over to you, the ever lovely, op-shopping public, down the track.

Second Hand Stores Christchurch

As you can tell, I have focused heavily on the clothing and bric a brac shops. I have found that after the earthquake the secondhand book stores seem to have fallen off the online radar and continue to elude me, so more information about these would be wonderful!

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If you own or run a second hand store, get in touch! I am keen to advertise and promote second hand as the new 'New'!

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