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June 2, 2017

I don’t call myself zero waste because I am not. I aim to reduce our household waste through producing, reusing, precyling, upcycling and recycling… among other things. Oh so much cycling.



Produce your own
Grow your own vegetables, make your own yogurt, bake your own bread. Making your own of anything is going to be better for the environment through use of less packaging, carbon (transport etc.) and chemicals (pesticides). It is also more often than not kinder to your wallet!


Reusable straws, coffee cups, drink bottles, nappies. Anything that you reuse will mean that you will have much less disposable plastic and waste in your household. It can also be much better for you and your family (plastic drink bottles are full of chemicals) as well as, again… your wallet.


Precycling is the idea that you buy in a way that is kinder to the environment. By consciously purchasing foods in glass or cardboard recyclable packaging you are precycling. You may already be doing this and not realise there’s a name for it! There is. It’s Precycling.



Also known as repurposing, this is the concept that you will find a new use for something that you no longer need. Being opportunistic at opportunity shops (get it…) means that you can upcycle things that you find for things that you need! It’s like crafty problem solving.


Where ever you live – get on your council’s website and educate yourself about your local curb side recycling. I moved cities and kept doing the same old thing and then found out months later that it is a completely different system and that my determined efforts at recycling were still leading to landfill! Don’t make my mistake. Make sure you know what is recyclable, what needs cleaning, and what can go in the organics bin (if you have one). Soft plastic recycling is currently being implemented through New Zealand so find out if there is a drop off in your area.







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