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The journey to Zero Waste is wrought with confusing decisions; can you be both a minimalist and a hoarder? is organic food produced on the other side of the world better than locally, non-organic options? Where do I get my eggs if I need them on a Wednesday and the market is on Saturday?
This blog is the pooling of my resources from my zero-waste adventure.  So, if you are contemplating reducing your environmental impact, or already further down the rabbit hole, then I hope this provides some kind of kindred support and inspiration.

What is the point if so many people are so extravagant with their plastic use?
The thing to remember is that every little bit counts. Take a look at your rubbish bin and contemplate how long each thing will be sitting in that landfill purgatory. Each and every time you divert something from landfill you are doing the planet a favour. So, baby steps. Don’t beat yourself up too much when you get stuck with a plastic bag, just praise yourself when you make the effort to take it to the soft plastic recycling drop off! That is the way to keep on trucking, positive attitude.

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Anthea M.

Anthea M.

Environmental advocate, Mum, Blogger, Second Hand Shopper, Photographer, Designer

Zero Waste is an attitude not a goal. With the intention to minimize waste you are on a zero waste track. Almost two years ago I became a mother, and in doing so made the conscious decision to start putting in place small changes around our home that are not only better for us, but for the planet.

In our house, our aim is a balance of as little plastic as possible, no harmful chemicals down the drain and things that are affordable and time efficient.